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Better Business Bureau Accredited with an A+ Rating

Advance Care Credit

Affordable Payment Plan


Award-Winning Service


Years of combined experience on our team of brain experts


Board Certifications


Graduate Degrees


Client Sessions Per Month

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide concierge brain health services that use advanced neurotechnology to help people maximize their mental, emotional, and cognitive well-being, and optimize brain fitness.

We exist for the betterment of the human condition. Through top-tier, brain-savy solutions and personalized care, our clients are empowered to overcome challenges and live their best lives.

Our Clients can expect to feel better, focus better, function better, sleep better, relate better, remember better, think better, and preform better.

Our core values

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We Are...


Nobody knows Biofeedback better. We employ the widest array of the most advanced brain-based solutions available by the best-trained, most caring clinicians in the business. Six specialists ...  a dozen specialties.


Every client receives a custom-fit plan for a one-of-a-kind client experience. We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to solve even the most complex challenges. We have a collaborative "team care" approach and offer late day and Saturday appointments to make it easier for you to get the help you need.

We are Results-Oriented

We get the results you want 

in a way that celebrates lasting transformations.

We are Tenacious

Since 2008, we've been mastering the best of what Biofeedback has to offer. We settle for nothing less than the gold-standard training of board certifications, the latest neuroscience-based assessment tools, and state-of-the-art, time-tested biofeedback techniques.

Put Simply...We won't give up if you don't give up.

Uniquely Us
  • We offer in-office and at-home solutions, with the added option of individual or group training available in-office

  • We offer a Multi-session Discount and have an Affordable Payment Plan.

  • We employ budget-conscious pricing, including a free 20 minute phone consult with our Clinical Director

  • We offer the widest array of the most advanced solutions as well as a low-cost equipment rental program for a risk-free home trial

  • We serve clients of all ages and offer free collaboration with our clients’ specialists

  • Our offices are located conveniently in North and South Charlotte, with Monday-Saturday and late-day hours available

Top-Tier credentials from Amen Clinics, BCIA, and the American Institute of Stress.

Amen Clinics Certified as experts in Brain Health and SPECT Scan interpretation.

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Board certification is the mark of distinction for providers of biofeedback and Neurofeedback. BCIA is the highest credential in the field.

BCIA certification

The AIS Seal of Certification indicates that this entity delivers on its claims as a stress management training source.

Americain institute of stress
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