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NeuroLogic Network

 for Brain-savvy Practitioners

What is NLN?

Our CBFC NeuroLogic Network is a multi-disciplinary community of subject-area experts collaborating to improve outcomes for our mutual clients/patients. We “huddle” with like-minded, brain-savvy practitioners from multiple disciplines to grow, learn, share, and solve together.  

Who joins NLN?

NLN is especially designed for brain-savvy (or those who want to be brain savvy) practitioners. These professions include mental health counselors, social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, pediatricians, primary care providers, neurologists, and specialists in integrative medicine, functional medicine, chiropractic care, and other highly specialized fields, such as craniosacral therapy.

Why do others join?

This is a collaborative learning environment unlike any other. The common thread is a desire to connect with others who know about or want to know more about how functional neuroanatomy can improve their individual client outcomes. It is a private community dedicated to collective wisdom from a brain-savvy perspective.  We are collaborating with specialists for wide range of topics like concussion, developmental trauma, relationship injury, neuroinflammation, and Covid in the brain. NLN is a source for hot-off-the-press research and first-to-know technological advancements. Every member can leave their mark and connect with others in related fields, or join in hands-on demonstrations and exclusive learning opportunities. 


The single most common comment from our CBFC graduating clients is: “I wish I’d know about brain training sooner!”  And, the single most common comment from CBFC collaborating professionals is: “I wish I’d found out about brain mapping sooner!”

We are creating a collaborative atmosphere among subject-matter experts so brain-savvy experts know where to turn, earlier and earlier in the client journey. 

Neurologic Network

How does NLN Work?

Members have access to the private, NeuroLogic Network community forum online and app.

Members will be first to be invited to hands-on demonstrations, exclusive workshops, and events with nationally known speakers. Charter members join for free!

Join Today

Step 1: Click here to apply for free membership 

Step 2: Check your email for how to access our private community forum. 

Step 3: Make your mark! Create your profile, introduce yourself, and jump in to the topics and discussions that interest you. Post needs, leads, and resources. Follow topics you want to be notified of activity, ask a question, or start a discussion. 

Partnering with CBFC

We are experts in brain-body interactions, and specialists in biofeedback, neurofeedback, and neuromodulation. We use one of the most advanced qEEG Brain Maps available anywhere in the world and we are committed to using the best tools and techniques for all of our services. The information we collect from our complete autonomic nervous system evaluation, including our qEEG Brain Map, enables us to provide our collaborators with valuable insights about the inner workings of their clients’ brains for optimized treatment planning and improved client outcomes. 

CBFC exists to bring brain-savvy solutions for the betterment of the human condition.


NLN exists as a professional community of collaborators for the betterment of client outcomes.



Vision always in view

We are systematic in the steps, but always keep the ultimate goals as guide. 

Row together

We synchronize and communicate and collaborate as a team, among our team, and with our partners in other professions, for the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Practice courage

We welcocme a challenge: we don’t quit if they don’t quit.

Measure the miracles

We monitor, measure, expect, and celebrate progress for every client, every time!


Serious fun

We recognize that what we do is serious, learning is hard work, and we are passionate about being the best at what we do, but a core value behind all effort is a profound enjoyment in the deployment. That “intangible” satisfaction that simply makes you look forward to coming to work everyday.  

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