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Within each of us is untapped power for self-regulation, recovery, and resilience. The techniques we use are much more than coping skills. They are skills that give you governance over things in your body, mind, and mood that right now feel automatic and out of your control. 

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NeuroDevelopmental Movement

At CBF Clinic, we understand that movement is not just about physical development, but it also plays a crucial role in cognitive, emotional, and social development. Our NeuroDevelopmental Movement program is designed to address the essential gaps in the developmental sequence that can affect attention, mood regulation, impulsivity, and hyperactivity.


Our experienced team of therapists use a holistic approach to assess and address each individual's unique needs. We combine various techniques and approaches to create a customized treatment plan that aims to improve not just motor function but also cognitive and emotional regulation. By closing the essential gaps in the developmental sequence, our program can promote overall well-being and help individuals reach their full potential.


Our NeuroDevelopmental Movement program includes a range of therapies, such as sensory integration, reflex integration, primitive reflex inhibition, and rhythmic movement training. These therapies aim to stimulate the nervous system and promote the development of normal movement patterns. By doing so, we can help individuals improve their attention, mood regulation, impulsivity, and hyperactivity.If you or a loved one is struggling with any of these challenges, we invite you to learn more about our NeuroDevelopmental Movement program and how it can help.




Our NeuroDevelopmental Movement program is suitable for individuals starting at birth, including children on the Autism Spectrum or with developmental delays, learning challenges, or developmental trauma. We also provide support for individuals who have experienced brain injury and can benefit from these techniques.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Certified NDM Specialist.

Want to learn more?

Biofeedback is the process of recording and instantaneously showing second-by-second measurements of your physiology's automatic responses. You are then taught how to change and manipulate your own physiology for optimal functioning using audio and visual cues. Overtime, the instrumentation is no longer needed to achieve the results. 

Biofeedback Workshops


Calm Body, Quiet Mind (Conquering Anxiety in the Mind and Body)

 (first workshop coming March 4, registration is open)​

​Post-Traumatic Strength (Transforming Trauma)

​(first workshop coming May 13, registration is open)​

Discover Your Superpower (Stress Management)

(a workshop to discover your superpower and sample various biofeedback techniques, workshop, coming soon)

Lift off! (Teen and Young Adults who want to be ready for anything)

(a workshop for upcoming or current college students to teach the skills needed to manage the stressors of academia and being on their own, coming soon)

Find Your Focus (Disable Distractibility and Impulsivity) 

(a workshop to learn how to shift your attentional states and regain your focus, coming soon)

Stable Brain, Stable Life (Thriving with Dysautonomia)

(a workshop for anyone who struggles with symptoms of dysautonomia, coming soon)

Mental Momentum (Shifting and Lifting Stuck Thinking)

(a workshop for anyone who feels bogged down by automatic negative thought loops, coming soon)


The eVU TPS (Triple Physiology Sensor) is a portable device that brings biofeedback out of our clinic and into your home, allowing you to discover your innate self-regulation Super Power.​

​Life's stressors can have a negative effect on your body's natural functions. Biofeedback can help you gain awareness of your involuntary stress responses, such as increased blood pressure and heart rate.. The eVU TPS is easily attached to your finger and provides feedback on three highly-researched metrics of physiological health: heart rate variability (HRV), skin conductance, and surface temperature. You will learn the skills you need to be in control of your own physiological response to stress, while strengthening your ability to recover and self-regulate. We will help you develop this amazing Super Power!

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