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Our 360-degree quantitative analysis of your Autonomic Nervous System will include our world-class qEEG Brain Map, the Cambridge Brain Sciences Cognitive Assessment (or QIKtest Attention Measure), a Biograph Stress Test of your mind-body recovery system, and self-assessment questionnaires. Each of these baseline measures can be repeated to gauge your progress along your journey. 


Our Clinical Director hand analyzes your testing results, baseline questionnaires, your health history, and specific goals in order to craft a customized plan of brain training best suited to you based on exactly what your brain needs. 


Our World-Class Advanced qEEG Brain Map evaluates 55 brain areas and 7 cortical networks. This assessment accurately detects healthy networks from unhealthy ones — those that are overactive, underactive, or unstable — and areas that are dominated by the “fight, flight, freeze” limbic system. Neural networks are restored to healthy integration using sequential hemodynamic training. This highly specialized method offers precision fine-tuning, and measurable results that last. 


We use a leading brain health assessment platform, Creyos Health, to measure your memory, concentration, reasoning and verbal abilities through a series of quick, fun, and engaging tasks.


The QIKtest Executive Function Assessment is a Continuous Performance Test (CPT) that measures attention, impulsivity, and reaction time.

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