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Skill-Based Biofeedback explores the connection between heart, brain, and emotions, and how understanding this psychophysiological connection allows you to learn to regulate your body's stress response, activate your natural relaxation response, and even learn how to change your pain perception. There are multiple methods, ranging from twenty-five to one hundred years of clinical research and use.


The Advanced qEEG is the latest advancement in traditional SMR brain training, which has a 45 year history of scientific research.


The Alpha-Stim is a thirty-five year old effective treatment with broad applications for a variety of syndromes involving pain, and for the management of anxiety, depression, and/or insomnia. In many cases it is the sole therapeutic method required, and so we have developed a rental program specifically for the Alpha-Stim.


Vielight Neuro™ technology uses near-infrared light to improve mitochondrial performance through a process called photobiomodulation (PBM). Brain photobiomodulation has been shown to enhance energy production, improve cerebral blood circulation and reduce inflammation in research studies.

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