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What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a passive process using real-time brain information and specialized equipment to help your brain learn how to do a better job of managing your body and mind. Sensors are placed on the scalp to read brain activity in specific areas. At the same time, you watch a movie, game, or changing environment that displays subtle real-time brain changes through audio-visual cues. The brain then adjusts based off of those cues. This vital feedback loop is maximized to help the brain rewire for target results. 

Brain Academy

In-office Neurofeedback Training


This method of Neurofeedback Training can be custom tailored to address exactly what your brain needs in up to 55 functional brain areas and across 7 key cortical networks with measurable precision for optimal brain function. Our world-class qEEG, the Kaiser Neuromap, provides the detail on brain-trait circuitry to make this method possible.


This method is appropriate for ages as young as 4 and offers one of the most advanced brain training techniques available anywhere in the world.


Sessions occur in our office once or twice a week, one-on-one with one of our board certified biofeedback clinicians. You will be watching a movie while your brain does the work of recovery, rewiring, or optimizing.  Precise protocols for measurable progress and lasting results make this the favorite of anyone seeking to hone-in on the source of the roadblock.


The Othmer method is based on over 5 decades of successful clinical application. You will experience core brain calming in-session, which ultimately creates brain state changes that result in long-term optimal self-regulation. This method offers unique training aspects for neuro-meditation, trauma resolution, learned fears and phobias, breaking habitual patterns, and as sober support for those in recovery.

This method is appropriate for all ages and can be accomplished in an intensive format for expedited results.

Sessions occur two or more times per week in our office, one-on-one with one of our board certified clinicians. You can choose between movies, games, and a variety of audio-visual effects. Repetition is key with this method and symptom relief and performance and functional improvements are noticeable in and between sessions.

Brain Academy To Go

At-home Neurofeedback Training


This method is trusted world-wide for results, particularly with attention, focus, concentration, and impulsivity, as well as for calming the fearful or anxious brain, and helping those recovering from concussion. We use this as our "lifestyle neurotherapy" training option due to its portability. You can train any hour of the day, on any day of the week, remotely from anywhere



Powered by Neuroguided Performance Training (NPT), Vital is a breakthrough, non-invasive neurotechnology that instantly transforms state of mind by personalizing music specifically to each user in real-time. Vital stands out with its clinical-grade EEG sensors that tune into your brainwaves. The music adapts on the fly to guide your mind towards relaxation, meditation, or focus, training your brain to adopt these patterns over time.​ With a minimum of 15 minutes of training a day, change is just a step away. 


We will provide the equipment, your custom protocol, support you every step of the way, and manage the training dashboard remotely and view every session live or in review-mode. You set your own schedule and enjoy the session watching YouTube Videos, movies, or playing game. Periodic remote assessments mark the progress all along the way. 

Clients of all ages train 3-6 hours each week with a goal of accumulating 30-40 hours of training for optimal results. 

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