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Exclusive Offer for NLN Practitioners:
Discover Your Brain’s Potential!

Unlock the secrets of your brain with our first ever NLN-Exclusive offer! As a member of the NeuroLogic Network, you are invited to experience our advanced brain mapping technologies at a special rate. On May 20 and May 27, enjoy a 20% discount on our Advanced qEEG Brain Map or the Complete ANS Evaluation, which includes both qEEG and cognitive assessments.

Why participate? It’s an opportunity to:
•    Experience the process: Gain a personal understanding of the assessments and therapies you recommend.
•    Enhance your practice: Apply firsthand experience to better relate to and assist your clients.
•    Optimize your brain’s performance: Discover areas for self-improvement and potential enhancement through

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience what your clients undergo and to gain valuable insights into your own cognitive and neurological health. Optimize your brain’s performance to think, feel, sleep, and relate better!

To book your assessment, please book directly through our website using the promo code INSIDER20. We look forward to welcoming you and providing a unique and enlightening experience.

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