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From the moment you step foot in our clinic, you will notice we have crafted something truly unique. Private, spacious training spaces. One-on-one attentiveness. Everything was designed with you in mind.

You come here to relax, grow, change and heal.


Advanced QEEG Brain Maps and counting


we expect to see significant improvement in 80% of the brain areas trained for any individual


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Modalities of Training

At Carolinas Biofeedback Clinic, we provide the very best in specialized brain health service to individuals looking for integrative and holistic approaches to mental health, mind-body maladies, and overall optimal brain fitness.



We serve clients of all ages and offer free collaboration with our clients’ specialists

Our offices are located conveniently in North and South Charlotte, with Monday-Saturday and late-day hours available

We offer in-office and at-home solutions, with the added option of individual or group training available in-office

We operate with a Team Care approach for shared wisdom and maximum scheduling flexibility, which can be done 24/7 online or via mobile app

We offer a Multi-session Discount and have an Affordable Payment Plan.

We offer the widest array of the most advanced solutions as well as a low-cost equipment rental program for a risk-free home trial

We employ budget-conscious pricing, including a free 20 minute phone consult with our Clinical Director



Our brains are amazing. They are capable of self-editing, repairing even after severe damage, and they are wired to heal.

But they can also get stuck, miswire, and misfire too.

For individuals ages 4 to 84 coping with anxiety, attention deficits, memory or sleep issues, burnout, mood regulation issues like depression or anger, chronic pain conditions, or following a head injury, stroke, or traumatic experience or disease process, our holistic techniques provide a vital link in the chain for recovery, restoration, and brain function optimization.

We use the most advanced tools and techniques available anywhere in the world, and we do it world-class service for an exceptional customer experience.

 Advanced qEEG Brain Map

Cambridge Brain Sciences Neuro-Cognitive Assessment

EEGexpert Symptom Tracking

QIKTest Executive Function Analysis

Irlen Syndrome Screening

2 State-of-the-art Methods of Neurofeedback

6 Types of Skill-Based Biofeedback


"Discover Your Superpower" Individual and Group Biofeedback Training

Microcurrent Electrotherapy

Couples Synchrony

Remote Neurotherapy

Micro-current Neuromodulation

Advanced Brain Technologies' The Listening Program

Neuromodulation for Sleep Optimization

Discover Your Superpower 1-Day Class



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We Help You Get Out of Your Own Way

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"I cannot remember the last time she has had a panic attack or panic tantrum. We are weaning off her medicine."

Check out a PBS featuring Neurofeedback and the work we do at our clinic!

There are over 150,000 published peer-reviewed studies on QEEG Neurofeedback!

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115 College Street, Suite 201

Pineville, NC 28134

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452 S Main St, Suite H

Davidson, NC 28036

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Services Provided:

20-minute FREE Phone Consult

qEEG Brain Mapping

Brain Map Review Sessions

Initial Comprehensive Consultation

Initial Myndlift Consultations

Consultations with the Clinical Director

Neurofeedback Sessions

Skill-based Biofeedback Sessions

Synchrony Training

Alpha-stim Microcurrent Electrotherapy

The Listening Program Sessions

Couples Synchrony Sessions

Services Provided:

20-minute FREE Phone Consult

Initial Comprehensive Consultation

Consultations with the Clinical Director

Brain Map Review Sessions

Neurofeedback Sessions

Skill-based Biofeedback Sessions

Synchrony Training

Alpha-stim Microcurrent Electrotherapy

The Listening Program Sessions