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Have more specific needs beyond the scope of what we offer? Consider some of our trusted collegues and experts in related fields who are brain-savvy and can collaborate with our services. 

Essential Waves

Shawna Pulver

Functional Medicine Coach

Shawna's background is in pediatrics, working with a pediatrician in a clinical setting, and she is currently the owner of Tree of Life Wellness. Shawna is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and works out of state and virtually. Contacting her is a great option for learning more about potential biochemical issues that may need to be addressed in order to get the best results from our training. 


Eran Grayson

Executive Function Coach

Eran has his Master in Special Education and Educational Therapy and is the founder of Grayson Executive Learning. Eran works out of state and virtually. If you struggle with poor focus, task completion, organization, or planning issues, our services at Carolinas Biofeedback Clinic can help your brain optimize and then Eran can teach you how to use those new skills to unlearn old habits and move towards further succees.

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